Shopping-Shipping Agent service – Process

Dwmzone is an online E-commerce Platform dedicated to Electronic Components distribution with Variety on offering and flexibility on the business model for small to Medium-size Enterprise as well as some professors or individual in the global market.We empower small business with the best resources from China including design, sourcing, manufacturing and shopping and shipping.

If you need to buy or get things from the different suppliers or Aliexpress, Taobao online shop, we can offer you the service in China.
For more information, Pls check as below:

Shopping-Shipping Agent service - Dwmzone

Shopping-Shipping Agent service – Dwmzone


Shopping-Shipping agent form

You can check this link and see

How to fill the Shopping-Shipping agent form ?

5.Contact information

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Wechat:ameisina Skype:ameisina

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